Here’s what we know about life:

There will be hard times.

Dark times.

Scary times.

And there will be happy times, too. Joy. Contentment.

Life presents us with all sorts of challenges. We’re meant to face them.

One of my favorites of the Women and the Hourglass cards and prints.

And the entire range of human emotion. We’re meant to feel them.

We can fight life or we can trust life.

Trust that life means walking through the light and the dark both. With purpose.

Because life here is really Soul School. We’re learning.

And that’s the way it works.

So, as my friend Marylou Falstreau says in her Women of the Hourglass series of prints, cards and more: Trust Life.

You can find beautiful Women and the Hourglass inspirational cards, prints and more at Marylou’s site.

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