Life is definitely slippery. It can be treacherous. And painful.

If only more people knew that we could help ease pain for other by simply reaching out a hand.

Think about it. Every day there are so many opportunities to help.

Some don’t even require leaving your house: Make a phone call. Write an email. Send a card.

Others take a little bit more time: Deliver flowers from your garden. Make soup or a meal or two. Offer a ride to the store or to babysit some kids.

Or sit with an older adult.

Look around and notice how many people could use a helping hand. How many are in pain.

What can you do to ease pain for them? To send some love out into the world?

If you’ve reached out recently, tell us how so you might inspire the rest of us with the idea.

affirmation-cardsAnd if you’d like to send one of our beautiful healing or condolence gifts, they’re budget friendly starting at $19.99 and always free shipping in the U.S.

Discounted shipping to other countries, too. A thoughtful act of love for anyone who is grieving or in the process of healing.

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