This is my life theme and my motto.

Today’s post is all about me. Blame my friend, Rena, who thinks customers need to know more about me, the person. I don’t really like to talk about myself, which is probably a good reason to do it. So let’s begin!

Snow belt girl/California woman

I was raised in Rochester, NY’s suburb of Irondequoit and spent my first dozen years of adult life in Tallahassee, FL… but when I first saw northern California I knew it was home. That was 1984 and it’s been home every since. The open nature of people here, the free and easy culture, the politics and the way people here (mostly) care about helping each other  all resonate with me in a big way. Even though I adore the San Francisco Bay area, we’re looking seriously at moving to the San Diego area in the longer term future. Just talking about it right now.

Cultural background

I was raised in the Sicilian-American culture and a few years ago discovered I’m 1/4 French! A great excuse for another trip to France about a year ago. It was wonderful and France had new resonance.

Book nerd

I’ve always been an avid reader. It was a great escape from my insane family life and at one point I read just about all the books in my elementary school library.

In this world but not of it

So many things that go on here confuse me. I can’t understand cruelty or evil. The mean way people treat each other. Passive-aggression.  As a result, I’ve never felt that I fit here. Which, now, as an adult, is ok with me. More than ok. But as a kid, it was a struggle.

Yes, I’m professional writer

I took journalism in college and ended up working as a corporate communications exec in tech companies and then as a consultant in communications, including crisis communications. I’ve also been a business journalist and a freelance writer. My genre is first-person essay and I’m modestly published in anthologies and literary journals. Oh, I had some poetry published, too. But I’m not a poet. As a kid I wrote plays, too.

My spirit animal is a jet

I never met a trip I didn’t want to take.

I’m a humaniac

I spent more than a decade as a volunteer with a Florida humane society. I’ve always loved animals and as you can tell, I still do.

He’s my first and last

Michael and I married a couple years after he graduated from Syracuse University, where we met. We were way too young and split up after almost nine years. However, 26 years later he reappeared and we remarried. We’ve been happily remarried for almost nine years. This time, we’ll make it. He’s actually my first and fourth marriage. I see no reason to do it again. Ever. He’s da bomb!

I care about humans, too.

My mother was a volunteer most of her life so it’s no surprise that the thread runs through mine, too. For a dozen years I worked with an organization that provided emotional support to those with HIV in my part of California. The work was rewarding AND I made some of the most wonderful friends in the process. People who are real.

My motto

It’s all about love. Love is the answer to everything.

I don’t know why I became a hypnotherapist and past-life regressionist.

No good answer to that question, and I’m asked it all the time. All I can say is “I was called and I answered.” My favorite thing to do is to use hypnotherapy to help people deal with everything from pain management, smoking cessation and fear of flying to anxiety, surgical outcome and cancer treatment. Even today, it excites me that hypnotherapy works so well. I wish more people would try it.

Sometimes this is my hair color. But not always.

My favorite things:

Sunshine. Laughter. Fall colors. Walks in nature. Love.  Nice people. Coffee dates. Rose wine. Italian food. Chinese food. Indian food. Ok, food. Cosmopolitan cocktails. Friends who get me. Netflix. My DVR. Self-reflection. Writing. Brains.  Helping people. My products for grief and healing.

My favorite places

Big Sur. Sedona. Santa Fe. San Francisco. San Diego. Manhattan. Savannah. Charleston. Western Canada. Seattle. Alcatraz. Rome. London. Paris. Loire Valley. Morocco. Ireland. Scotland.

Things I don’t like:

Death penalty. War. Mean people. People who think they’re nice but are actually mean-spirited. Bullshit. Passive-aggression. Rigidity. Right-wing politics. Ghosting. People who don’t forgive. Vendettas.


I’m soft and tough at the same time. Yeah, just try living in my family without toughening up.

My weakness

A big mouth that can shoot off without warning.

My super-power


My biggest secret

You think I’d tell you that? 😉

I’ve told you all about me. Here’s what I’d like to know about YOU: what is YOUR super-power?

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