Some of the actual cosmetics in the giveaway!

It’s almost the one-year anniversary of my business, A Healing Spirit.  And to celebrate, I’m offering four giveaways that include overflowing bags of luxury cosmetics and for international entrants, online affirmations.

Get an entry for subscribing to A Healing Spirit’s blog/newsletter. Get more entries for sharing on social media.


Delicate crystal pendant

Yes, both U.S. and international residents can win something in the drawing.  U.S. winners get a heaping cosmetic bag full of name-brand cosmetics that might include lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow, skin care, brushes or even a pretty crystal pendant or other piece of jewelry. I love filling those cosmetic bags with goodies! I know you’ll enjoy the selection.


These are some of the healing affirmations.

International winners get a 50-day subscription to my online affirmations for health or grieving, your choice.

Healing affirmations (left) apply to everyone and support good health as well as healing. Keep or give as a gift.

So come enter!


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