No matter what’s going on in our lives, our soul has the ability to be present with it. No matter the situation.

Maybe, like me, you’re grieving. Maybe, like some of my friends, you’re battling a tough diagnosis. Chronic pain. A disability.

Or like others, you’re struggling with another aspect your life. Job. Relationship. Finances.

We can try to deny it, we can rail against fate, we can be pissed off. And we’ll be very unhappy.

Happy people live in the moment. What does that mean? It means this: The only path to happiness is by being present with whatever is going on.

Feel it. I know, hard. But that’s how to get through the hard stuff. By feeling it.

Become it. That requires us to feel even deeper. Yes,  it can be painful. For a while

Focus on the present. This is how pain eases. When we are forced to deal with the here and now.

Address the issue. Don’t hide from anything that stands in your way.

Ask for help and proactively find it. We have to take positive action.

Be grateful for the good days. You’ll have some. You will, I promise.

Learn to deal with the harder ones. (see 1 and 2 above)

Find the beauty in your life and savor it. Become it. Yes, the flip side of #2 above.

And look to the future with hope. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to do this. But there is always hope….

Because our soul, our spirit self, is more powerful than any circumstance. Any.

So be present. Is it easy? Not always. Sometimes it takes more effort than we want to make. But, as someone I know says all the time: It is what it is.

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