instant-stress-reliefIf you’re feeling stressed out or anxious, try this easy deep breathing exercise that can be done any time, anywhere for instant stress relief.

  1. Take a deep breath in through your nose on a count of 3 …..and then exhale gently and fully out on a count of 5.
  2. Do this three to five times in a row.

That’s it. That’s all there is to instantly calm yourself. Instant stress relief.ย  You can do this in the car…. waiting in line at a store… while cooking…. at home in bed… any place you are. No need to go to the gym, no special equipment is needed, no one will even notice.

So many benefits to just breathing deeply!

Deep breathing oxygenates your body, promoting better blood flow. It can reduce blood pressure, which is a huge benefit for such a simple technique. And it can help everything from digestion to lung function, energy to cellular regeneration.

If you’d like a guided imagery for anxiety or some one on one help via Skype, phone or in person, take a look here.

Don’t think Skype is the best way to go? You’d be surprised. Some of the very best hypnosis sessions are done via Skype. Why? Because hypnosis requires the client to follow my voice and when you’re wearing earbuds or earphones, my voice goes directly into your ears, no distractions.

There’s nothing magic about hypnosis–it’s been an important part of the psychological toolkit for many decades. Because it works. Nothing to lose and everything to gain, right?

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