Life asks us to let go often.

For the privilege of living we’re required to let go. All of the time. Surprising when we count up the ways.

Most letting go requires us to let go of the past, of the way things were. To release things that are no longer part of our life.ย  Our youth. Marriage.ย  A loved one. A beloved pet. A job. A home.

The list is endless.

I won’t try to tell you it’s easy. Our earthbound souls are tied tightly to the here and now and don’t I know it, myself. We’re comfortable with what we have now. Or with we see and hear and feel. With our earthbound reality.

Playing field changes

But letting go allows us to play on a bigger scale. To get in touch with the overarching plan for our lives.ย  To expand into the greater reality that we know exists. And to heal any wounds.

This was brought home to me recently in a discussion I had with a friend who got sick. Her entire life changed. So did her perspective, which expanded to encompass the unseen and allowed her to find gifts in her condition.

Same with another good friend going through a divorce. When she found the strength to let go and consider other possibilities, her life changed for the better.

Certainly it’s true when we lose a loved one, too. Our beliefs are challenged–do we really think there’s more after this life? That we’ll be reunited in some other place and time, where time and place don’t exist?

Finding the opportunity

Life asks us to let go but in return it gives us the opportunity for an expanded scope. It asks us to find the greater view.

And a deeper understanding.

Have you been asked to let go of something difficult?

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