At Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM

If you turn off the lights in this room all you’ll see is darkness. Which is to say you’ll see nothing. But illuminate the scene and its strange beauty is obvious.

It’s not what you’d consider “beautiful” in the traditional sense. It’s a little odd, a little off and a little unexpected.

That’s the way gifts are when they come from the tough parts of life. The tough side of town, so to speak.

Here at A Healing Spirit we talk about the hard things: death, sickness, pain, anxiety.  It’s a no-holds-barred place where some concepts might be hard to swallow.

Like the idea that there are gifts in the death of a loved one.  Or in our pain and suffering.

Now look, I get it. No one wants to go through those dark experiences to get something that might or  might not seem like “a gift.” I get that.

And yet, if we  must go through them, and we must, then we might consider illuminating the scene, as above, in order to see the strange beauty in that part of our life.

If a loved one dies, we don’t want to think there are gifts associated with that loss. But in fact, there are. Whether we want to see them or not. They’re there.

When we go through terrible suffering, where are the gifts? I know, it’s hard to find them. Or even have the energy to look.  But they’re there.

It’s difficult to think of positives associated with any kind of suffering.

And  yet….

If you comment today, I’d love for you to share one gift that came out of something difficult that happened to you. Just one.

Thank you.

And don’t forget our full range of supportive gifts for those who are grieving or healing, right here on this site.  Be an angel on earth and send someone this beautiful support today. Or let us do that for you if you buy one of our gift packages. Thank you.

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