When a client hired me to help break down barriers she believed stood in the way of a more meaningful life, I knew it was time to offer what is commonly called “life coaching.”  But I like to call it “barrier busting.”

And usually the barrier is ourselves.

Are you ready for a career change but don’t know how to begin?

Maybe you aren’t living the life you want. Maybe you can’t seem to connect to a satisfying relationship. Or you’re questioning your spirituality. Or something else.

If obstacles seem insurmountable, I’m here to tell you they’re not. You need a framework for achieving your goals and then accountability.

If you’re stymied by an obstacle, a barrier you’d like to bust, I’d like to help you get past it.

I’ve got discussion questions, exercises and activities that will help you surmount those obstacles and begin to live the life of your dreams.

For more information, check out my Coaching page and then email me at   Let’s have a no-obligation talk about your dreams and what we might do together to help you achieve them.

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