online-affirmationsNEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT!

Our popular 50-affirmation decks are now also available as a 50-day online subscriptions.  That’s right. You can subscribe to either Online Healing Affirmations Subscription or Online Transforming Grief Affirmations  Subscription, and receive one emailed affirmation a day for 50 days.

The content is identical to our 50-card decks (with a different pretty design) but now you can have them conveniently delivered daily via email if you wish. Our beautiful printed decks will still be available–but this online offering allows customers all over the world to have affordable access to these helpful affirmations.

One of our grief affirmations.

Use the code NEW1 to get $5 off through Dec. 1.

Who finds these affirmations helpful? Many people.  Each thought provides a beautiful meditation to align mind and body to focus on healing. While those battling serious illness find our daily healing affirmations inspiring, a positive mantra for each day, they are helpful to anyone who isn’t feeling well for any reason.

Our grief affirmations provide gentle support for those mourning a loss of a loved one or dear companion animal. These sensitive grief affirmations provide support and understanding that grief is normal and meant to be felt.

The printed affirmation decks are lovely pastel cards beautifully packaged and compact enough to fit in a purse or on a nightstand. We still offer them. The online subscription is a new offering–it allows affirmations to go with you anywhere without having to remember to bring them. They’re both wonderful supportive products and either delivery option would make a thoughtful gift.

Here’s where to find them on our site:  Online Healing Affirmations or Online Transforming Grief Affirmations. Remember to take advantage of the $5 coupon on checkout through Dec. 1. Enter NEW1


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