Do you believe in intercessory prayer?

intercessory-prayerThe other day I sent condolences to a family friend upon hearing of the death of his mother. He is a priest.

“May she intercede for us now with your parents,” he responded.

Well a few things.

First, I think he meant “may she and your parents intercede for us” because the intercession was meant to be with God, not my parents. Not that I didn’t want God to intercede with my parents more than once when I was a kid. But, no, not now. Nor do they need to intercede with God for me.

Ok, maybe my friend might think I need the help, given what I do for a living. Past-life regressionists aren’t a thing in the current Catholic Church, although evidence for reincarnation can be found in the Bible (Hebrews, for example). Then again, the Bible can be interpreted to provide evidence for ANYTHING. So not a very credible source.

But back to my priest-friend.

You have no idea how hard it was to resist responding that I had been in touch with my parents quite a bit over the past 20 yenergy-healingears and everyone’s good, no intercession needed. In fact, my spirit guides already interceded, that is, stepped in to talk to me in my parents’ place. Super helpful.

But then again, he is a Catholic priest, and I am pretty sure he would flip his cassock at talking with the dead. (I love you T, I do! We just believe differently!)

Here’s the other thing: do we really need any kind of intercessory prayer? It’s definitely a big part of Catholicism. And, Catholic or not, most of us pray for what we badly desire. Healing. Peace, A change in circumstances.

But is intercessory prayer necessary?

I’m reminded of something I read in the book series, Conversations with God. And that is this:

We already have what we need. 

So what would we ask for?

Asking in prayer for whatever supports my highest good is a better “ask” for me.  Because I do believe in a plan. I do believe that are reasons for everything that happens and it’s all related to our personal growth or that of others. Yes, I get how that is hard for some to swallow. None of us wants to believe there is a reason for tragedy. For evil.  I have to admit, it’s an acquired perspective. It’s mine; I don’t force it on anyone.

But there I go again, riffing on intercessory prayer. Wondering where you sit on the issue. Would love to hear your thoughts in the Comments.

Have you considered all beings in your Thanksgiving prayer?

Have you considered all beings in your Thanksgiving prayer?

As we enjoy the warmth of the Thanksgiving holiday, can we offer this prayer out of our love and kindness for all beings? It might even make a beautiful grace for your dinner:

May all beings everywhere be safe, be happy, warm and free from fear.

May we all have good health and enough to eat. May we all live in peace and ease of heart with whatever comes to us in life.

May we know love and live in love and peace. May we be peace.

~with love from everyone at our house, including Benji & Cutie

Could you use this prayer of protection?

Could you use this prayer of protection?


Do you feel the stress all around us? I’m sure you do. It’s a tough time and many of us are upset and stressed. Emotional imbalance can lead to physical imbalance. I’m not sure which is worse.

Here is a beautiful prayer of protection for every morning and night —  to help support physical and emotional health. Usually I light one of my candles with healing stones, dim the lights and meditate on it.  I wrote it, but would love to see it shared far and wide. So please do!


Father/Mother God,
I ask that you shower me with white healing light to clear and cleanse me,
washing away anything that doesn’t serve my highest good.
I ask that any negative energies be repelled and unable to reach me
or others, leaving only healing and protection.

Standing in the white light of healing I ask that my cup be filled
with only positives
That only those entities with the highest vibrations and purest intentions
be allowed in

I ask the Divine, God, Source to bring peace to my mind,
healing to my body,
all things for my highest and best good.

With a loving heart I ask for healing for all those who hate
or fear
Bring them peace and love
Help them release any negative energies
and feel the oneness of humanity.

Please keep us all within your healing light,
safe, protected and loved.

Let your light and love surround us
For this blessing, we give you thanks.
~Carol A. Cassara
A Healing


How to pray for healing

How to pray for healing

healing-prayerI don’t know about you, but for me this is a tough season. It’s the season in which I lost my mother, my dear friend and now, my beloved Riley. So most days I pray for healing from my pain. Maybe you’re grieving or maybe you are sick. Maybe you, too, pray for healing of one kind or another.

In case it will help you, I thought I’d share my own healing prayer.

Find a moment, a quiet moment. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale fully, still your heart and your mind.

As you continue to breathe in this way notice thoughts that come up…. your fears, concerns and worries…the things that keep you from a peaceful mind…notice them…and then let them go…watch them drift away and in their place, a quiet mind. A still mind.  One that allows us to hear the message from Mother / Father God, from the Divine, from our Savior, however we envision our greater power.

That quiet mind allows us to recognize when they are speaking to us …and to hear them.

Shhhh….listen…..if you listen, you’ll hear the message.

Ask for wisdom from your higher power….ask for what you need…healing, strength, love,  forgiveness, trust, courage….anything.

Acknowledge your imperfections …. no different from anyone else’s…..we are all human and imperfect at times.

Share your desire for healing of body and soul…and ask your Higher Power and your guides to show you the plan for you and to give you perspective and a greater understanding.

Ask for the strength to face whatever your Higher Power has planned for you.

Trust in your ability to receive that strength.

Give glory to your Higher Power.


If you have a healing prayer of your own you’d like to share, please do so in the Comments.

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