Will you be different in the future? Are you different today?

Will you be different in the future? Are you different today?

Don’t know about you, but I’m different already. Not that patient with things I pretended not to notice before.

And I’m not that gentle about what I see.

There’s a time for making decisions that benefit us individually and there’s a time to make decisions that are for the greater good.

When we see high-profile people repeatedly making decisions in their own self-interest some forget our obligation to our society. To the world around us.

For me it’s never been clearer that we’re called to maintain dual focus and direct our activities to support not only our own individual interests but the greater good. Because it’s obvious that we can inadvertently harm others.

When I see people who don’t get it, I get angry.

Maybe some of it is misplaced anger at those in charge who couldn’t care less for the rest of us.

But some of it is based on my deep belief that being “in this together” must be more than just a catch phrase. For us to get through this it has to be a way of life.

I can’t help but notice our interdependence. I do expect others to see that, too, and act accordingly.

Kai Skye (you might know him as the former Brian Andreas) gets so much of how we feel right and this reminder feels like it was written for me. I need that, because being gentle with life and death stuff is not my style. I’m more in the “Hey! Get a clue!” camp.

The struggle is real.

Will you be different in the future?

Thank you, Kai Skye (formerly Brian Andreas) of FlyingEdna.com, for always making me think. For reflecting to much of what goes on for me internally.  Kai (formerly Brian) has a really helpful Ebook called Everyday Angels perfect for these times. It’s got a few dozen of these amazing, inspirational pieces and I read it every single morning for inspiration. It’s only $9.95. Find it here.

How powerful an influence is what others think of you? Does it matter to you?

How powerful an influence is what others think of you? Does it matter to you?

How much of our behavior is about what others think of us–as opposed to what we think of ourselves?

When I was younger there were times I was self-conscious–concerned about how I was received. Insecurity is a phase most youth go through, but sometimes even in adulthood we consider what others think of us more than we’re aware of of.

Did you hear any of these messages when you were young?

“Don’t bring shame on the family!”

“What will people/the neighbors think?”

Scrolling my social media feed I have noticed that some people attacked by trolls are super-defensive. I must admit that when I’m attacked online (it happens) I also feel defensive. It’s normal. Even though as I grew up I learned to be secure in the person I was. To understand that what I thought of myself and my own behavior was far more important than what others thought.

Maybe it took me longer than others, but I did finally get there, only to find that social media make us vulnerable in different ways.

I’m still pretty much ok with the person I am. I still pretty much think, “well, if you don’t get me, that’s ok, because I get me.”

Pretty much. Like anyone else, that confidence can be shaken. Not often, but it happens.

And when it does, I remind myself of just who I am and that I am always that person.

No matter what others think.


Why you should keep the faith

Why you should keep the faith

Today’s message is short and sweet.

Keep the faith, because you cannot know what tomorrow will bring.

Keep the faith. It’s a beautiful meditation for this time and I am hanging on to it.

If you’re thinking about changing direction for life and career, consider one of our intuitive sessions to talk it through.

How to deal with the tempest

How to deal with the tempest

“The heavens don’t always protect us. They choose, on occasion, to throw down challenges instead of simply showering more blessings on our heads.

“Not every tempest passes in  an instant. Not every deluge can be brushed off.
We can cower, we can wait for blue skies to be restored or we can take the plunge, defy the elements and we can seize the day.”
  ~Call the Midwif

Look around at the many expressing anxiety with life during a pandemic, our version of “the perfect storm.”.  It’s only human to focus on what we’ve lost. Our freedom. Maybe our jobs. Our level of comfort with the world as we knew it. As it no longer is.

These are huge losses. It’s important to acknowledge them.

It’s also important that we confront our reality and figure out how to deal with both our fears and this new world around us. To “seize the day,” as  the writers at Call the Midwife call it. And not cower in fear or anxiety.

I’m defying fear by moving forward with my life even as I remain in quarantine for…however long I must. Friends meet up with us on Zoom. I write. I send cards and emails. I watch streaming content. I read. And I craft the way I want my life to be on the other side of this.

With every breath I’m defying the horrible, venal, inhumane things going on today. And living.

Not every tempest passes in an instant. But this one can pass.

Every vote counts. Every vote.

The power of not thinking

The power of not thinking

My default has always been logic. Yeah, not so helpful right now. But in a chanting workshop with Nina Rao the other day, she mentioned advice given by her own guru, whenever Nina would come to her for counsel.

“Don’t think. Do your prayers. Find the answers in your own heart.”

If we’ve lived our entire lives by thinking things through, this can be hard to accept. And challenging. It involves trusting in the Divine. And it involves trusting in our own hearts.

Prayer is simply activating a connection with the Divine…or the divine in ourselves. It can take many forms.

As a young Catholic girl I memorized prayer that had little true meaning to me. As an adult, I read more contemporary prayers written to reflect how we speak today. But at this stage of my life, chanting is my prayer. So is simply talking to the Divine. Or to my own heart. Meditation can be prayer.

It may be counter-intuitive to advise don’t think when faced with a decision. But our hearts are wiser than we might imagine.

And of course, so is the Divine.

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