Free holiday resources for A Healing Spirit’s tribe

Free holiday resources for A Healing Spirit’s tribe

free-holiday-resourcesI just wanted to remind you that as a subscriber–a valued member of our email list tribe, you have some free holiday resources already at your disposal –they are absolutely free. Have you claimed them yet?

They can help make your holiday more relaxed and perhaps even happier. And there are more subscriber-only discounts and freebies coming! Like, immediately.

Here’s a list of what you have waiting for you on our special subscriber site:


A free downloadable audio with three mini-meditations for busy people. Download, then insert ear buds and listen: 2 minutes in the morning 2 minutes at noon and 2 minutes before bed. Could it be any easier? And helpful this holiday season.


You also get an abbreviated list of affirmations for good health. Be sure to use them daily to help boost your immune system during a time we don’t want to be sick.


A special “How to Survive a Loss of Any Kind” article is also available, since we know that holidays are times we feel losses even more keenly.


And any subscriber who buys 2 or more candles gets a special gift by filling out the form on the subscriber page.

MORE FREE STUFF COMING~SIGN UP HERE: If you haven’t become a subscriber, sign up on the home page, left column right away because I have a bunch of really good holiday discounts coming.

If you are already part of our tribe and forgot the password, look in the last newsletter or email me at ccassara (at) gmail.

As always, I appreciate the wonderful support and the great comments on my Facebook page. Join us HERE.

Holiday gifts still on sale!

Holiday gifts still on sale!

Doesn’t matter what you celebrate, these holiday gifts are for anyone who needs a little support (and some beauty) this holiday season. Which is why I decided to extend the holiday sale–I want as many women as possible to benefit from these gorgeous gifts.

Here’s where you’ll find all our gifts, which are all about $5 off. Remember that US shipping is always free for our gift packages so you don’t even have to mail them yourself–just tell us what you’d like on our card! Customers in other countries, you get a deal on shipping, so you, too can benefit!

Find the discount codes in the first line of the product description, or here they are:

Regular gift packages (both condolence and healing) are $15 with code HOL2

Large gift packages (both condolence and healing) are $30 with code HOL1

Pretty sandalwood mala bracelets are only $9 with code HOL3

And beautiful, 50-day online affirmation subscriptions are only $15 with code NEW1 — a perfect gift for someone out of the country–they get a beautiful healing or grief affirmation delivered directly to their email every day for 50 days. For only $15.

I hope you’ll take full advantage of these great savings. Right here on this site.