When a little help from our friends is called for

When a little help from our friends is called for

Who in your life is carrying a heavy burden and could use some relief, but maybe doesn’t know how to ask for help? If you’re like me, you’ve probably told them “Let me know how I can help” and meant it sincerely. I used to say that a lot. Without getting a response.

Why? Because often, people don’t know how to ask for something specific. It can feel awkward. So many of us, me included, find it hard to ask for help, even when we need it. Think about those suffering chronic illness, undergoing treatment, recently widowed, a caregiver…. and then think about how hard it is to ask for help.

When I finally figured that out, I began making specific suggestions. “Can I bring over dinner Monday night?”  Or I’d just bring the dinner. “I’ve got a pot of soup for you.”

Other ideas: “Can I walk the dog for you this weekend?”  “Do you want to come to the grocery store with me this afternoon?”  “Can I go with you to chemo?” “Can I take you to treatment?” You get the picture. You may not realize how much your one kind gesture can mean to someone carrying a heavy load.

And then, what if everyone stepped up in kindness? What if that happened?

If you know someone who is facing a big challenge of any kind and you want to help, the best thing you can do is offer specific assistance. Because, as my favorite Beatles lyric points, out, we get by with a little help from our friends.

What if a loved one lives too far away for you to offer practical help?

If someone you love (anywhere) is undergoing treatment or facing a health challenge, I hope you will consider one of my healing gifts. These gentle, beautiful gifts were developed to provide real support and help to those in the healing process. Recipients say they are really helpful and much appreciated.

Our Mini energy healing kit is only $16.99, our small healing gift is $19.99 and the large one starts at $34.99 with some lovely add-on possibilities. You can find them at the tab labeled Gifts.

Who is your person?

Who is your person?


This is a 4 oz candle but you can add the pendant to any candle we sell.

Everyone’s got a person, that go-to friend you trust with your life.

Who is your person?  The one you know will be there for you through thick and thin? The one you want to talk to when there’s something important or difficult or sad or happy on your mind?

THAT person.

I have one. And she inspired this new offering: the “You’re My Person” Candle with Pendant.

See that adorable tiny metal heart with a little hole atop? It can be attached to any of my beautiful candles. You won’t find it IN the wax or even on top, as displayed. No. That’s just the photo. If the candle has a lip, like our sweet 4 oz. candles, it’ll be on a cord tied around the candle.  If no lip, you’ll find it on the free gift tag that comes with it.

Or you can add the pendant to one of our gift packages or any of our products. Or buy the pendant by itself and attach it to something else.

So–Let your BFF know what s/he means to you by adding a tiny “You’re My Person” pendant to any pretty candle. A unique gift that speaks from the heart.

Interested?  Visit the page right here.
PS: Candles ship only to US addresses. For shipping costs to other countries, please contact me.


When you don’t like someone

When you don’t like someone

We can’t always like everyone. Sure, I’d like to say that I do. But it would be a lie. Some people just rub me the wrong way. I’m sure you know what I mean.

“I wish I liked her more than I do,” I have said more than once this year.

“I think she might be losing it,” has also come out of my mouth when someone has behaved in ways I think are kind of crazy.

When this happens now, I try to look at what the situation is meant to teach me. What do I need to learn?

What I need to learn is how to look past the very human stories and connect instead with that person’s soul.  When I make the effort to do that, what I see is the deep pain that’s buried inside and creating the dissonance.

Oh, how simple it is to love someone that we resonate with. And what a learning experience it is to send love and compassion to someone who we don’t resonate with or even someone who has hurt us. To look beyond the oh-so-human story to what’s going on side.

In the end, we are all one, right? As hard as it might be to see ourselves as being the same as the person we don’t like, at our core, we are. I’m trying to meet people more on the soul level and in that, I’m a work in progress.

Or, as a spirit guide said to me last month when it appeared for a quick message:  “You’re in training!” and poof! he was gone.

That spirit was right: we are all trainees.

I try to remember that.

I’m a trainee.

If you’re interested in making a spiritual connection, via a regression or another spiritual service, let me know. I’d love to help you make that connection.