What is energy healing for pets?

What is energy healing for pets?


Gillian and her girl, Zena.

Here’s a topic that won’t surprise you, at least not from me: Pet reiki.  It’s a natural extension of human reiki–and I’ve taken advantage of it to help my last four dogs through various illnesses and conditions. (And I have used it many, many times and still do). What’s more, it’s been done long distance for both me and my pets, the beauty of energy healing. Oh and it’s not just for pets–all kinds of animals can benefit.

Today I’m talking to Gillian Edwards at Four Paws Holistic Therapy, who specializes in energy healing for pets. I think you’ll find it both interesting and educational. And, since Reiki works long distance, you can work with her, no matter where you live!

What is energy healing for pets and how does it work? What kinds of energy healing do you offer?

The Japanese word Reiki means “universal energy” It’s literally what Reiki is about—the use of energy to heal, help remove blockages, balance energy and help identify physical pain. Animals are sensitive to our state of mind and emotions, and are highly sensitive to energy interactions, therefore react positively to this sort of healing. I combine Reiki with Karuna which is the energy of compassion and wisdom to enhance the overall level of healing. This combination creates a relatively stronger and more influential healing especially for more complex issues as Karuna energies surround the whole body’s energetic layers.

Along with energy channeling comes the gift of animal communication, which when combined with an energy session can be very helpful and powerful in helping with the animals overall wellness. When I connect with an animal I listen to find out how it happened, where it hurts, how they feel, what their parent can do to assist in their comfort, down to decision making. That is also part of my holistic energy healing approach.

pet-reikiHow do you do this kind of healing for pets…in person and remotely? Does it work for all animals?

Performed remotely (distant healing), or in-person through hands on / hands off touch, as a Reiki Master practitioner I pass a higher frequency energy to my animal patients to assist them in healing themselves. During a Reiki session, healing energy is channeled through my hands directly or indirectly to the animal to assist them in healing themselves as they determine how much Reiki they receive, they are in charge.

Reiki flows into the physical and energy bodies, clearing and repairing areas where the energy body is blocked, damaged or leaking, and stabilizing any mental, physical or emotional imbalances that can lead to illness or bad behavior. It’s non-invasive and gentle, yet can heal and energize on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, allowing your pet to enjoy a more natural state of well-being.

It’s not just for pets. Any animal (fin, fur, feather as a friend likes to say) benefits from the universes’ healing energies. Whether in the wild, on a farm, in the house, etc., they are all receptive and are greatly appreciative. I have treated stunned wild birds that have flown in to windows, horses, chickens, a chameleon that had just laid eggs, as well as wild & domestic rabbits, cats and dogs. My Koi get a daily dose too.

pet-reikiHow can it be effectively remotely?

Distant or remote healing is a good choice if the animal patient is not in a close physical location, is skittish around people or cannot be touched, is quarantined or being prepped in a hospital etc. It is also helpful for pet parents with busy lives, or in the case of an emergency.

During a remote session I first ask for permission then connect with the animal’s unique energy pattern / frequency to send what they need and want. As everything is made of energy (Quantum Physics) and we are all part of the unified consciousness, it’s just a matter of connecting to the correct frequency, much like how a computer can wirelessly connect to a printer. Energy is energy.

Human distant recipients depending on how aware they are will tell me they ‘felt’ something (warmth, tingling, calmness, sleepiness, a general feeling of being relaxed). I sent colors to another Reiki Master to see what would happen and they were able to tell what colors and in which order I sent them.

With the gift of animal communication I will receive something similar to a thank you and pet parents will remark on a change either in the moment or a few days later as Reiki will continue to flow for up to 3-days.

How do animals respond to it?

pet-reikiNo matter what your pet is experiencing, the warm vibrational embrace of Reiki can help him or her find peace and balance as it puts them in a deeply relaxed space. It can reduce stress by calming a nervous or anxious animal, provide relief from the effects of chronic conditions like arthritis, and support emotional healing following trauma—including behavioral and emotional trauma, such as adoption, moving or loss of a family member. Last, Reiki can help provide comfort and relief by helping animals and owners during end of life transition. It’s also important to know that Animal Reiki is safe and complements conventional veterinary and alternative medical treatments.

Just ask Radar! After TPLO surgery on his knee, 2-year old Radar benefited from Reiki around the actual surgical point, until massage could be used to treat the stifle and surrounding muscles. Reiki helped heal and balance Radar’s systems so that he could absorb his medication without side effects, and also helped speed up the overall healing process. It also helped ease his post-surgical fear and anxiety of being touched and riding in the car, since his rides inevitably ended up at physical therapy or the Vet’s office.

How would someone work with you?

I provide an initial chat to find out what concerns a pet parent has and what options are available for them, as I look at treatment as a holistic ‘team’ approach, which often means homework for the parent as pet and parent are the initial team. I can be reached via phone/text, FB and through my website to set up an initial consultation or answer questions.

For my regular animal patients if they experience a glitch in their maintenance programs (e.g. slipped on ice, caught the frisbee at an angle) I have daily/weekly remote energy sessions as well as the treatments in their homes if they are local. You can think of it as a ‘prayer bowl’ focus.

For my long distance / international animal patients I provide sessions where I scan & treat for longer periods of time, depending on what the animal wants / needs. For local patients I make appointments to travel to their homes to directly assist them in their healing process.

I am based in Denver CO (MST) can be reached at:  Mobile: (303) 396.5209 / gillian@fourpawsholistictherapy.com
https://www.facebook.com/gilllianedwards/ (Four Paws Holistic Therapy)

How to easily incorporate energy healing into your life

How to easily incorporate energy healing into your life

Before and after my recent surgery I employed quite a few energy healing techniques. I credit those tools for my lack of pain (when I was told to expect it and given an Rx for pain medication) and for my anxiety-free experience. So I decided to put together a compact little energy healing kit so that you would also have access to them, too.

And don’t worry–there’s a little instruction sheet included so you will know how to use it. Plus I kept it super-affordable and small enough to fit on a night table or an altar. Nothing elaborate–just the most effective basics with some goodies, too.

First, let’s start with the white sage smudge stick to help clear the energy of your room. Simply light it and let the flame go out. Walk through your space with the smoking sage and state your energy clearing intention. Afterwards, be sure to let the flame go out in a fireproof dish. Sage smudging can be done every morning to clear your home of negative energy, whether you are healing or not. But it’s great to do as part of your healing ritual.

energy-healingThe sacred wood palo santo works in a similar way. Bless each corner of the room as you let the smoke waft around and state your healing intention. I love the fragrance of this wonderful tool.

Your small selenite wand is powerful. Use it to scan and help heal your body — hold it about six inches from the body and move it downward as you visualize healing. Or place it on a body part that feels tight or painful for about 20 minutes to release blockages.

Toss the little bag of ritual herbs  in your bathtub as you take a long soak or can burn it in ritual and meditate on healing.

energy-healingI carry my small amethyst so its healing vibe is always with me. I also keep one on my bedside table.

All over my house you’ll see the Hand of Fatima or Hamsa, used in many cultures for healing.  Now, you can have one. And the tiny spiral amulet included represents pure energy and evolution. Both little amulets can be put in a bowl of small crystals, worn around your neck on a cord or hung somewhere. I keep mine in my mesa (medicine bag) which I use in regressions and hypnotherapy.

Three healing affirmations are also included in your package to help jump start developing your own healing affirmations for meditation.  These things absolutely worked for me!

And of course, the instructions for using all of these items are included.  The package is loaded with energy healing tools you can use or give to someone who would appreciate them. And it’s affordable.

I’d love to send you one. Simply visit the page here  for more information. If you’d like to talk about it first (or about anything), simply shoot me an email at the “Contact Me” tab.