FREE Healing Affirmations Online Subscription

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Our much-loved affirmations are now available by subscription, conveniently delivered to your email address daily for 50 days anywhere in the world. The affirmations are exactly the same as those in the lovely printed decks we offer, but now, anyone in the world can have acess to their healing support.

Subscribers will receive an emailed healing affirmation every morning for 50 days–an empowering way to start each day. The affirmations provide support and encouragement for healing, aligning the mind and body so that both are working for your best possible health outcome.  Customers in treatment for serious diseases use them every day to support the treatment. Those who simply want to remain healthy use them as a daily mantra. Either way, they help harness the mind-body connection.

Our printed decks are still available; this is an additional offering. Either one makes a thoughtful gift.