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Transforming Grief Affirmations Online Subscription

We now offer our popular affirmations as a subscription conveniently delivered to your email address anywhere in the world. They’re identical to the beautiful printed decks we offer, just an online option so that anyone, anywhere in the world can have access to their healing support.

Every morning for 50 days receive an emailed affirmation meant to help you honor and transform your grief by feeling into it and accepting those feelings. Use each affirmation as a daily meditation–setting the day’s tone or as a safe haven when your grief gets overwhelming. Save the daily emails to refer to again and again in the future.

We wrote and designed our cards in recognition that grief is normal and meant to be felt, and also that it transforms over time. Our customers say they are gentle support for mourning the loss of a loved one or dear companion animal. And, they make a thoughtful gift.

Our printed decks are still available; this is an additional offering. Either one makes a thoughtful gift.



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