Condolence Gift Package – Large


The large condolence gift package includes (see photo)

  • A Guided Journal through Grief
  • Transforming Grief Affirmation card deck in a lavender organza bag
  • An Apache tear obsidian or rose quartz stone said to help with grief
  • A heart-shaped tealight candle
  • and a pretty gift card with your message or our standard message (See Description section below)

Packaged and shipped for you anywhere in U.S. Shipping is $6.

If you’d like to know more about the Apache Tear obsidian that is included see the Legend of the Apache Tear in Description, below.

The cost of the large condolence gift package is $34.99.

Our standard condolence message is: "Please accept deepest condolences on your loss. May the support of family and friends comfort you."

But we'd be happy to use your short message instead. Please provide it on the checkout page; the card is small, so please make it short. Be sure to specify how you would like the card to be signed.

For more information on the Transforming Grief Affirmation Deck and Guided Journal through Grief, click the links.

LEGEND OF THE APACHE TEAR STONE: The legend of the Apache tear goes back to a battle between the U.S. Cavalry and Apaches fought on an Arizona mountain in the 1870s. The Apaches were vastly outpowered. Rather than surrender, warriors rode their horses off the mountain to their deaths.

Apache Tears are said to be tears cried by the wives and families when they heard of the tragedy: their tears turned to stone when they hit the ground.

Keep the stone with you and rub it between your fingers or hold in your hand during meditation or when you are feeling sad. (Note from Carol: I used an Apache Tear stone during my own recent time of grief and it was very comforting.)

Stone size varies but each is big enough to hold in your palm.

Gift ships only to the U.S.