Past Life and Life Between Lives Regression Package


Carol offers Past Life Regression and Life between Lives (often called Spiritual Regression) anywhere in the world via Skype. A past life is intended to take the Traveler to another life they may have lived. In a spiritual regression, the Traveler explores the planning session held with their spirit guides before this life to determine the reason for the present life.

Both types of regression can provide spiritual insights into this life, its purpose and its challenges. This combination session is meant to take you to one or more past lives and to the time between lives when you planned this one. It can take up to 3 hours and is done in a single session.

See the Description below and the Regressions tab on the top of the home page for a Q&A on regressions.

Carol uses the technique of Integrated Imagery for regressions. In-person regressions are conducted in the San Jose, Calif. area. They may also be done in other cities, based on Carol’s travel schedule.

In 2018, she will have availability in San Diego, southeastern Canada, western NY state and possibly, London.

Contact Carol at for information and to schedule. Then, return here to purchase.


If it is a Skype session, you will need a Skype address, earbuds with microphone and Carol needs to be able to see you via the camera on your device. You do not need to see her. You will remember most of what happens in your session and can record it if you wish. Purchase a session here after you and Carol have discussed it and come up with a date. You can reach her at