Grief over any kind of loss can become crippling if not managed.  It’s not uncommon for the loss of a job, home or mobility to affect quality of life for those who suffer such events. Hypnotherapy can help clients learn to work with their grief and not let it control their lives.

Carol uses the technique of Integrated Imagery and conducts hypnotherapy sessions via Skype or in person. She’ll teach you techniques you can then apply yourself, later, to help with your grief.

Skype with earphones is extremely effective as it allows for a close connection with Carol’s voice.
If you would like Carol to record your session digitally and send it to you, the fee is $25. Add Session Recording to your shopping cart.
1 Session $99 \  4 Sessions $350 SAVE $46

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Some clients prefer to have several sessions. Carol offers a series of four sessions at a savings of $46. If longer-term hypnotherapy is desired, a discounted price will apply. Contact

Anyone anywhere can book a Skype session, although Carol conducts in-person sessions in the San Jose, Calif. Area. Otherwise, you will need a Skype address, earphones and an internet connection for long distance hypnotherapy.