Healing Gift Package-Regular


The regular “You've Got This!” gift package includes: (see photo)

  • a deck of 50 Healing Affirmation cards in a pink organza bag
  • a pink heart-shaped tealight candle
  • an encouraging “You've Got This!” sticker
  • a pretty card with your own message (or our standard one) on it.

The price of the regular package is $19.99.

SHIPPING ON GIFT BOXES IS FREE FOR US residents, $6.99 for Canada & $16.99 to Australia and most EU nations.


Our standard gift message for this package:

So sorry that you’re going through this… sending healing and supportive thoughts your way.

Please be sure to specify how you would like the card to be signed.

SHIPPING ON GIFT BOXES ARE FREE for US residents, $6.99 to Canada & $16.99 to Australia and most EU nations.