How we grow into our lives

How we grow into our lives

grow-into-our-lives“I just haven’t accomplished anything worthwhile!” cried a 20-something client to me after a session. She wanted answers to a long list of questions about her life purpose, before she’d even lived enough of it to make discoveries on her own.

Because life isn’t something we master at the front end: we grow into it.

When I was growing up I remember distinctly that feeling of not knowing the rules.

Did I belong?

I approached the world with furrowed brow. What IS this place? Who ARE these people? And why are they acting like that? Connecting with people didn’t feel the same for me is it looked for those around me.

It was all foreign territory. I was a stranger in a strange world.

But I didn’t really worry about it. I just lived my life.

My career path was traditional corporate and I was pretty good at it. It paid the bills.But it didn’t feed my soul. It wasn’t my purpose.

Is it floundering or is it growing?

It might have looked to some like I was floundering in parts of my personal life, but I wasn’t. I was simply living out my path. Nothing that happens to us is wasted. It’s all used on the journey through life. All experiences good and bad help us grow.

So here I am at 67. I AM living my purpose, or so it seems to me. I don’t feel like it’s something I needed to do when I was 25–I wouldn’t have known how. I had to live the lessons to learn them.

I had to grow into my life.

And so do we all.

So, don’t despair if you think you haven’t found your purpose or aren’t able to live it yet. Life is unfolding just as it’s meant to. Everything is being used. You are growing.

Oh, and to my younger readers? I love your enthusiasm for having a life with meaning. Don’t work too hard for it, because you’re already living it. And growing into to it.

Quiet the mind and you’ll see it.

With love.


What’s the most important walk we take?

What’s the most important walk we take?

walkin-each-other-homeWe’re all just walking each other home.

This is my favorite of all of the inspirational things Baba Ram Dass has said. Let’s break it down to see why it’s so resonant for me:

“We’re all just walking each other…”

This recognizes that we do not walk alone in life, even if we think we do. Think about when we were kids and our parents would walk us to school. Or maybe a beau would walk us home. Those who walked with us were there for our protection or for companionship.

The idea of walking together is more profound than it seems. That’s because our most important role is to be there for one another and in the walk through life, it’s the biggest thing we can do for another. Be there for another.

It’s easier to do when you’re nearby. But it’s not impossible to do at a distance. Calls. Notes. Emails. Texts. There are many ways to be there for another. To be walking each other home.

That’s really what my work is about–walking others home. Lending a hand when they need it. And doing it in a way they can afford.  The many people who have given healing products to a loved one to support them during a tough time are taking that walk with them. They may live far away, but they’re still there, thinking of them and sending them something to remind them, “I’m here for you.”

This is more than business to me. But if you know me, you know that to be true.

Back to Baba Ram Dass. The other key component of that quote is the concept of “home.”  Home –the spiritual realm–is where we came from and it’s where we’re going. As we go through life side by side with our loved ones, we are really walking each other home.

It moves me so much to write this because I feel it so deeply.

As I do, I’m in Hawaii looking out over clouds, water, volcanoes. In just a few days–when you read, this, in fact– I’ll be sitting in the audience as Ram Dass shares some of his wisdom. I might not be literally sitting at his feet, but have no doubt: I’ll be at his feet in one way or another.

And be part of walking him home, as he’s part of walking me (and us all) home.


How you can see clearly

How you can see clearly

I’ve failed to see clearly many times in my life, because I’ve been so attached to how I think things should be.

Baba Ram Dass teaches us to let go of “shoulds” and just work with what’s there.

So wise.

Why you should expect nothing but take everything in

Why you should expect nothing but take everything in

I’m Maui for the first day of Open Your Heart in Paradise, a retreat given by Baba Ram Dass twice a year.

Baba Ram Dass is one of the most influential spiritual teachers of my lifetime and someone I’ve followed since the 1960s. This trip is a bucket list item for me.

Why do I admire Baba Ram Dass so much? He’s a loving soul whose love and spirituality shine through every bit of his being.

I’ll be sharing a bit of his wisdom in Ram Dass quotes as the week goes on.

Think spiritual, feel spiritual, do good

Think spiritual, feel spiritual, do good

do-goodIt’s really interesting how we attract that stuff we focus on.

This has been a particular challenge in these difficult days, when violence and hatred fill the 24 hour news hole. We can’t avoid negativity and it’s natural that sometimes, we spin out on it. I know, I do.

But that’s not healthy.

I was gutted by the massacre at the synagogue followed closely by the shooting at the Florida yoga studio and then the massacre at the country bar. Far too many acts of violence.

My challenge has been to bring to the surface my belief that I / we have divine potential. And to focus on that–on love and acts of love.  If we all did that? Far healthier.

It’s my hope that if we all do the best we can to set aside the craziness around us and combat it with only good–

–if we habitually do random acts of kindness and acts of love: do good deeds

–if we remember that we are expressions of God

—we can drive out the evil that surrounds us. And begin to attract those things consistent with a higher level of spirituality and our own highest good.

Troubled by what’s going on around us? Having a tough time coping with it? Would you like a closer spiritual connection? Schedule a call to talk to me about how I might help you do that. 

Find the way in

Find the way in


We’re always looking for a way out, when really, most answers (and relief) can be found by finding the way IN.

Our mind can distract us from the knowledge that at our core, we are all souls. We connect with that soul when we quiet our minds to meditate.

So take a deep, deep breath and the let it all the way out.  And again.  And one more time.

You might just glimpse the peace that can be found in soul contact.

Maybe you’d like to shift awareness to handle pain or anxiety or some other condition. Schedule a time to talk with me about whether hypnotherapy might help. Yes, it works via Zoom or Skype. So easy. So effective.

Or maybe you’d like to connect with your soul on a deeper level. Schedule a time to discuss regression or another spiritual connection. Yes, they work via Zoom or Skype.

I’m here for you.

So is your soul.