Why not try these powerful hacks to boost immunity?

Why not try these powerful hacks to boost immunity?

Don’t miss out on easy ways to boost immunity, something especially important today. I wanted to share our daily routine –what we do to make sure we’re proactive in protecting ourselves from the virus.

We’re taking vitamins every day, of course. I haven’t been regular with vitamins in a long time, but you can bet I am now.

I take a zinc lozenge almost every day. (If I’m sick, which I’m not, I boost further by taking more.) Immunologists say zinc reduces the time you’re sick, but I take it prophylactically, which means as a preventive measure.

I make my special hot tea just about every day. They say hot beverages kill the virus and just in case it does, I drink this. Live link in case you want to make it, yourself.

I was taking elderberry, but the jury’s out on what it does to those with Covid. Some say it spurs a hyper-immune response, which isn’t good. So I stopped for the time being.

The most important thing we do is have a Juice Plus smoothie at least once (if not twice) daily. Because fresh fruits and vegetables are hard to come by today. (I don’t like canned or frozen.)

What’s Juice Plus?  The next best thing to fresh produce: next best because it comes from ingredients that are farm-grown. Fresh. Juice Plus products come in capsules and also smoothie powder–all made from juice powder concentrates and oils from a variety of fruits, vegetables and grainboost-immunes. Whole food based.

While we enjoy fresh produce, we can’t always find it these days. This is a good way to make sure we’re getting helpful antioxidants and phytonutrients we’d usually get in the fresh stuff.

I take the capsules and most important, we drink the smoothies as meal substitutes. The chocolate powder is great–a treat, really.  I blend mine with almond milk, a few ice cubes, and if it’s my meal I add half a banana or maybe a teaspoon of almond butter. Delicious! Michael blends berries with his vanilla for a super-scrumptious treat.

It’s a great way to make sure we’re getting everything we need for a strong immune system. And for good energy!

Also, we’re not anxious about our storehouse of food, because we keep our Juice Plus powder fully supplied at all times–so we know we will always have the nutrients we need. It’s a great feeling of security.

Here are studies about how it supports immunity and other health.

If you want to know more or order some, contact my friend, the nutritionist Michelle Sugiyama at michelle.mindfuleating@gmail.com or 651-747-7779. Her website is www.mindful-eating.com and no, she’s not paying me for this. I just believe in it!  If you’d like her full advice on increased vitality, overall, see this post from last year.



Free Resources To Help With Fear, Anxiety & Centering

Free Resources To Help With Fear, Anxiety & Centering

Our biggest challenge now might be to manage anxiety and fear, and to keep centered.

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Daily thoughts/mantras for good health

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May we all find our way out of this to a world more like we remember.  Sending peace, love, light your way.

How you can love-bomb someone for free

How you can love-bomb someone for free

love-bombThis is my year of love bombing, as you know if you follow me. Wouldn’t it be a great world if everyone did this?  And it doesn’t have to cost a cent. It can be 100% free. Here are some wonderful love bombs:

Give a compliment to someone every day.

Compliment someone’s smile. Tell them what a bright light they are (if they are). Tell them how much you love being in their company. How much you appreciate what they bring to their work, to the world, to their friends–how much you appreciate THEM.

Hold the door for someone every time you can.

Simple thing. A kindness, really.

Let cars stuck in traffic go ahead of you.

Drop by to see someone who is sick or grieving. Call, first, though.

Send a real card to someone who needs a lift. Dollar store cards are  50 cents but if you have some in your card file, it’s almost free. Well, postage. But you get the drift. Yes, you can send an email but it is so beautiful to get a handwritten note on a card.

love-bombIf you see a mom struggling with a cranky kid, ask if you can help.

Let someone with fewer items than you go ahead of you in the grocery line.

Offer to walk someone’s dog a few times if they need help.

Call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time just to say hello.

Cook a meal for someone who is sick or grieving. Or a harried mom.

Pick some flowers from your garden and give them to someone for no reason at all. Just because.

Invite someone for tea or coffee at your home for no reason or because they might need to talk.

Walk a shelter dog if your local shelter or rescue has a program.

If you’ve been really busy, love up on your dog or cat for no reason at all–just because they love love.

It’s time we all looked up from our phones and became aware of what’s going on around us. Opportunities to love bomb are everywhere. If you love-bomb every day, you’ll be happier and you’ll make a better world. Imagine if everyone did this?
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How we are all healers

How we are all healers

In hypnotherapy we say that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The same is true for healing: all healing in self-healing. Call it instinct, the subconscious, call it psychology or instrospection, when healing happens it is usually at least partly the result of mind-set.

That is not to say that we can always heal ourselves with our minds. We can’t.

I know that flies in the face of what some new age healers want us to believe, but I feel pretty confident in saying that complete self-healing of some physical conditions is just not possible.

But what IS possible is to approach what’s going on with compassion toward ourselves, with the willingness to accept the limitations of the body and with grace.

A tall order, I know. But I also know some people who exhibit that kind of grace every day, despite tough chronic illnesses.

That part of it is all about attitude. And we CAN heal that.

Today, why not consider the ways in which it’s possible to heal yourself?

I hope you won’t forget our healing toolkit products and gifts to support yourself or someone you love through their healing journey. You can find them right here on this site.

How it’s up to us to deal with it

How it’s up to us to deal with it

Remember these? If you’re my generation, you probably do remember this, well, fortune-telling game. And in a way, life is sort of like that game.

We get what we get. The rubber meets the road in how we respond to it. How we deal with it.

Sleepless, I listened to a Baba Ram Dass podcast from the early 1970s last night. It was all about finding the gift in everything, even the bad stuff that happens. Being grateful for it, even, because it’s meant to be a lesson.

No one knows this better than Baba Ram Dass, who was debilitated by a stroke in 1997. In an instant, his life changed. His sharp intellect was still there, but this loving spiritual master could no longer live independently. He was paralyzed on one side and had expressive aphasia and serious chronic pain. All the wise thoughts and words were there, just as they were before the stroke, but he couldn’t get them out. Ironic, since at least to me he is one of the biggest intellects of our time.

Finding the gift in that stroke would be a challenge for a lesser person. Maybe it WAS a struggle for him, I don’t know. But he was certainly better prepared spiritually than most to handle this kind of life-changing event.

Earlier this year I was re-reading Conversations with God, in which the author was told by God that nothing we encounter in life on earth is really a lesson because we already know all this stuff. (You may recall my short post about it.) Life on earth is meant to allow us to practice what we already know. Which we can do to a greater or lesser degree.

I don’t have any special insight into finding the gift in the hard stuff of life. But if we’re spiritual beings, then we know there is more than this. That life goes on because we are pure spirit, souls living an earthly existence. Maybe we look at suffering as a lesson or maybe it’s chance to practice what we already know.

But it doesn’t matter which we believe.

Ram Dass teaches that once anger and fear are diffused, suffering can be a portal to greater peace, wisdom and healing. Rather than let the hard stuff throw us, he teaches us to love and appreciate all of ourselves, even the painful parts. Embrace our vulnerability. Make friends with our suffering. He insists that we can navigate the difficult emotions and emerge awakened and full of joy and in fact, has modeled that for us these past 20+ years.

This can be hard for some of us to swallow. It asks us to look at a picture bigger than any other. To have the courage of our spiritual convictions.

It’s something I do spend time thinking about. And I’d love your thoughts.

PS This post contains an affiliate link.

Why you don’t need oxy for pain management

Why you don’t need oxy for pain management

As a hypnotherapist, I work with clients who have a variety of issues. But nothing touches me more deeply than the pain management work I do with those who suffer chronic pain.

It’s constant. It’s debilitating. It wears on the soul.

I’ve done a lot of reading about how to use the mind to control pain. I’ve learned just how possible it is. Yes, it takes some work. But I know that it’s possible from the work of pain doctors I’ve read and also from the experience of my own hypnotherapy clients.

Now look. It’s not magic.

You can’t have one session and magically eradicate pain. But with time and repetition, those who suffer from chronic pain can often reduce its severity or even make it go away. And they do that with their powerful minds.

Let me explain one other thing: hypnotherapy is about following the hypnotherapist’s voice. That simple. Nothing happens in person that can’t happen via Skype, Zoom or Facetime. And that is a fact.

It’s also true that online sessions are often even MORE effective, because the client wears earbuds and my voice goes directly inot the ear, no distractions.  And the technology is ridiculously easy.

If you’re curious about my hypnotherapy sessions, why not book a 15-minute phone call to find out about it. No charge. Just talk. See the link to scheduling right here.

I’d love to help you because I love making that kind of difference for my clients.