Here’s how to light up the holidays for special people

Here’s how to light up the holidays for special people


Who are the special people for whom you’d like to light up the holidays?

Mine include my hairstylist, dog groomer and all of my good friends.

Let me help you light up the holidays for your special people with one of my stunning, already budget-friendly candles. Because I’m about to make them even MORE affordable.

Here’s $2 off any candle from now until 11:59pm Pacific time on Sunday, Nov. 18

Order as many as you like, just use the checkout code 2OFF to get your discount.

Anyone who sees them, wants them. They’re beautiful. They come in some yummy fragrances or no fragrance at all.

Holiday candles have a holiday motif. All have botanicals, flowers and tons of healing crystals.

Not just one. MANY.

It’s a good discount on already low-priced prettiness. So enjoy it!

Have you lost a pet?

Have you lost a pet?


These pretty pottery pendants are about an inch across. Easily placed on a cord. With a 4 oz. candle.

If any of your pets have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge you’ll love this condolence gift that I’ve put together in honor of my late soulmate dog, Riley..and it’s also a celebration gift in honor of Cutie and Benji.  What? A pet condolence gift OR a celebration gift? Either one?  Yes! and it’s straight from Sedona.

We love our pets, let’s start there.


My Riley.

And if you know me, you know that my Riley’s death was difficult  … and if you knew HIM you know why it was. At the same time the arrival of our two rescue dogs, Cutie and Benji has been healing. Two sides of the same coin.

So when I saw these cute little pottery hearts with paw prints (and a hole punched for a cord or chain) in Sedona I knew I’d offer them to you.

They’re a beautiful way to honor a pet for “gotcha day” or to remember one who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

If you’d like to gift a pet-lover with a beautiful candle that comes with the paw print pottery pendant, you can do that with a 4-oz. candle or a 10-oz. candle.

The candles are unscented and loaded with healing crystals and beautiful botanicals. Each is one of a kind, hand-poured soy, eco-friendly and are long burning–with no soot.


My Benji & Cutie

Wouldn’t it be a great way to celebrate a new pet joining a family? If someone you love has a new pet, I hope you’ll consider it.

And–what a beautiful pet condolence gift. I know it would’ve been just the right thing in memory of Riley. If someone you care about has lost a pet, I hope you’ll consider it.

I offer them to you in his memory,  to honor my precious Benji & Cutie….and to honor your pet or that of a loved one.

Product includes candle and pendant. And as always, budget-friendly.





Are you stressed by the prospect of holiday shopping?

Are you stressed by the prospect of holiday shopping?

It’s been years since I’ve felt holiday shopping stress, so let me share my secrets with you. There are only two. And a suggestion:

1. Shop early.

I do holiday shopping all year when I travel and at sales. Everything gets stashed in a couple big boxes set aside for that purpose. I keep a running list so I know how far I’ve gotten. By October, 99 percent of my holiday shopping is done.

It’s not too late–it’s still early! Beat the crowds, shop the sales, or make it even easier with my second idea:

2. Shop online.

Since some of my loved ones have way too much “stuff,” I gift them a basket of goodies each year. If they’re local, I might make one myself. If not, it’s Harry and David, Wolferman or various wine sellers. Or a gift certificate for something they like.

Some of the vendors send me my holiday list each year, so I can simply re-order or order something else from the same vendor without adding names and addresses again. It’s ridiculously easy.

I gifted my last surviving aunt and her husband with a basket each year. The vendor notice this year was poignant–she died some months ago. So I’ll be changing the addressee to only her husband, a really nice man who is going to have a tough holiday.

That’s the long and the short of it, in that you can make short work of even the longest lists by using these two helpful ideas to avoid holiday shopping stress.

3. Suggestion: Let me help!

But even easier, let ME help!  There isn’t a single person who has been disappointed after buying my candles. Customer feedback is “they’re gorgeous!” and “I love them!”  Not to mention “They smell so good!” They make quite an impression–and the pretty 4 oz. candle is only $12! You can even get it unscented, and with stones only and no botanicals. All are in glass containers, no two are alike. The 4 oz candle is compact but significantly bigger than a votive. All soy, cotton wicks, no phthalates — eco-friendly.

By the way, I just saw a 3.5 oz candle with ONE stone being sold for $25.  One crystal stone. No flowers. Not even as pretty.

So if you’re looking for pretty gift for a neighbor, teacher, your hairdresser, manicurist, baby sitter or even a stocking stuffer, you can’t do better. It’s what I’m giving to lots of people in my life!

If you’d like to go bigger, consider a bigger candle–still the same low prices–my biggest candle is 16 oz for only $25.  It is absolutely lovely and it comes with a free meditation. And there are all sorts of sizes (and prices) in between.

Get it unscented..or in one of my many yummy scents–there are holiday scents, orange fragrances that are to die for, lavender, apple cinnamon–even creme brulee! And so many more! Check them out on my Candles page.


How to create sacred space in your home

How to create sacred space in your home

sacred-spaceYou may have wondered how to create sacred space at home, a private space you can use to meditate, pray or simply reflect. Creating that sacred space is not as complicated as it might sound: it can be as small as a little table or as large as a closet. It can be a simple altar on a bookshelf or an entire room. It might even be a small garden.

Your sacred space or altar can be made in honor of a deceased loved one or devoted to a spiritual figure. Most often, though, it’s just a place for private spirituality, and that can look different for everyone.

A private place

It’s a special, peaceful place just for you–which means it’s electronics-free–and should be filled with things that calm and relax the mind; that can help connect you to Divine energy. Think about what you’d put in your own sacred space as you read about mine.

sacred-spaceCandles have a prominent place in my own sacred space. And yes, I love my own hand-poured soy candles, because they are embedded with all sorts of healing stones: rose quartz, amethyst, lapis, garnet, Apache tear and more. Perfect for an altar.

But not only are my candles crystal-embedded–I placed a variety of crystals all over my altars. Chunks of crystals large and small make a colorful statement about healing and many people believe in their healing power. I’m one of them. A piece of selenite has a prominent place in my sacred space. It’s a powerful crystal that clears, opens and activates the higher chakras and it’s great for spiritual work.

What means something to YOU?

Statuary of Buddha, the Madonna or other spiritual figures are often found on altars and can be found on mine, too. I don’t necessarily worship them, but I do worship the Divine energy they represent.

Did I say I love a flower or two on my altar? Nothing says an altar can’t be really pretty, right?

When I light the candles in my sacred space, it sets the mood for prayer, meditation and reflection.

With your own needs in mind, why not let me create a custom candle for your sacred space? Email me carol (at) ahealingspirit (dot) org and we’ll talk about what you might want. Or if you’d like to see what I have on offer already made, visit my candle shop here.

How to make the most of autumn

How to make the most of autumn

It’s a fall sale!  Autumn is my favorite season and nothing makes me happier than its sights, sounds and yes, smells. The fragrance of autumn is like none other. And I love autumn candles.

Our northern California neighborhood bursts with fall colors and one way I make the most of the season is by walking my dogs every morning and enjoying the cool, crisp air. I love kicking through red and gold leaves, hearing them rustle with every footfall.

Yummy fragrance of apple cider

And then there’s my favorite — apple cider — and all of the other smells that bring back autumn childhood in the northeast.  Since that’s one of my favorite smells, I knew I had to make a candle that reflected the sweetly tart, crisp fragrance of apple cider.

So to celebrate autumn, I’m offering a new fall candle in Apple Cider scent, embedded with healing stones and pretty flowers. And that’s what’s missing from the desktop. A pretty fall candle with a yummy autumn scent.

autumn-candlesTrio of autumn votives

And don’t forget my other two fall scents: Apple Cinnamon and Harvest Spice. To celebrate fall, I’m offering a special: three 2 oz. glass votives with botanicals (one in each scent: Apple Cider, Apple Cinnamon, Harvest Spice) for only $17. Give as gifts or keep all three to help make the most of autumn.

Want to enjoy the scent of autumn every day? Visit my candles page and order yourself a pretty fall candle in apple cider today!  Or the fall trio. And did I mention they make great gifts–maybe even for teachers!

What dogs teach us about supporting those who are sick

What dogs teach us about supporting those who are sick

What dogs teach us is profound, if we’re paying attention.

Dogs don’t send cards, make chicken soup or do any of the things that we think about doing when a loved one is sick.

They know what to do. It’s instinctive.

They are simply there. They sit by the side of their sick loved one and simply are there for them.

It’s just that easy: Be there.

When our Cutie had an irritation she kept licking raw and had to wear a cone, our Benji sat by her side. All day. Everyday. Steadfast.  He was there for her.  Just…there.  And in that way, he took care of her.

It was beautiful.

I’ve always believed the best thing we can do for a loved one is be there for them, but I’ve always lived away from many loved ones. I could come in for weeks at a time. But it wasn’t always possible for me to be there every day.

And that’s why I do the work I do. Our beautiful healing gifts allow anyone to be helpful even when we can’t be there. The healing affirmations, the guided journalhealing candles–they are all ways we can say “I’m with you. I’m thinking of you.”  Even when we can’t be there.

Always affordable. Candles as low as $10. Gift packages as low as $19.99. Discounted shipping. Can you tell I believe in supporting others? I hope you’ll consider our gifts. Thank you.