How can there be a summer cocktail you don’t drink?

How can there be a summer cocktail you don’t drink?

Announcing the new Summer Cocktail Candle Set–our most luxurious candles yet!  Fun to make, lovely to look at and they smell so darn good!

It’s a set of two or three (your choice) hand-poured soy candles in these stunning frosted glass candle-holders of pink, green, yellow and blue.They’re sizable:  almost 10 ounces in volume.  Instantly transport yourself to the tropics when you light up one of these gorgeous, lush and exotic candles. And enjoy the pretty! They emit a subtle glow that sets a lovely scene in your home.

Choose your candle set from Sparkling Sangria, Pina Colada, Pink Lemonade or Tropical Coconut Mango—all yummy summer scents sure to make winter a distant memory. Each candle will include flowers, colorful sea glass and tiny seashells on top.

Choose from four candle-holder colors and four fragrances. Choose a single fragrance for your set or mix and match. That’s right–any combination you like — choose on the order page.

summer-cocktailsNote in the above photo that the glass candle holders are all the same size, a full 10 ounces. The candle on the far right is a votive, the center is our 4 oz. candle and as you can see, these new holders are much larger. And so pretty.

Are you visiting someone’s beach house this summer? The set is a perfect hostess gift. Having an evening barbecue? Scatter the candles on tables to make a beautiful setting.  Not to mention what a wonderful birthday gift the set would be.

Or split them up: even one makes a gift sure to be appreciated. Scroll down on my candles page to find them! And be sure to specify scent, color & any combinations in the box on the order page. Shipping begins in APRIL.

So check out their page here on the website and make sure to order before the April shipping deadline! Remember, shipping is now only once a month. If you want a candle earlier than my ship date, a rush fee applies. So shop early!







How this anxiety-ridden hot mess is managing a cancer scare

How this anxiety-ridden hot mess is managing a cancer scare

cancer-scareMost anxiety is a knee-jerk reaction to something we fear

and often fails to withstand any kind of critical analysis. I know this because I’ve just lived it.

Some random spotting caused me to see my GYN, who did an in-office ultrasound and, to my surprise, saw something “suspicious”. Until now, I’d felt safe, because there is almost no cancer in my family. But this made me quite anxious. After all, many of my friends have gone through cancer treatment or even died from it. White Coat Hypertension –or “high blood pressure at the doctor’s office” is the least of my anxiety problems when it comes to a cancer scare.

I approached the “official” ultrasound she ordered with ENORMOUS anxiety. Of course, I imagined the worst as I heard the tech clicking to take photographs of everything she saw. And the whole thing took forever.

cancer-scareWould they find the worst?

It showed an unusual thickening of the endometrium that could be “the bad thing” so my GYN wanted an in-office biopsy.

At that point you’d think my anxiety would be off the charts. Instead, it went completely away. Why was that?

When I meditated on my nervousness I realized that my anxiety would have no impact on the outcome. I either had cancer or I didn’t. Worrying wasn’t going to help or even change things.

Practicing what I preach

Before this, those had just been words. But now, in my meditation, I took them in. I wasn’t going to die tomorrow. And wouldn’t I be a complete hypocrite to fear death when I believe that we do not die, but simply transition to a different plane?

I know. Heavy thoughts. But they were super calming, simply because, with a little effort, I brought my thoughts in line with my beliefs.

I also enlisted the group of earthly angels I know—friends who sent out love and light, my two Reiki masters, my shaman friend and just about everyone in my luckily large spiritual support group. I felt completely loved and supported in moving forward.


Click photo to see my healing crystal candles.

Yes, the crystal thing

Selecting the best healing crystals from my collection, I carried them with me to all appointments. I had been doing healing meditations for days. I used my healing affirmations. I wore all my healing jewelry. I BELIEVE all this stuff helps and so, of course, it did.

Plus I thought about the many people I know who are living with cancer that is being controlled by treatment.

Here’s the best part: my blood pressure, normally sky-high in situations like this, was normal. NORMAL. So if that’s all this stuff did for me? It’s a big thing!

As it turned out, my GYN couldn’t complete the in-house biopsy.

How I managed pain

Her attempts were not pain-free. Any woman who has had a uterine biopsy knows what I mean.

But just that morning a good friend had revealed that in the numerous serious pain situations she’d experienced recently, she’d consistently used my pain relief recording. Like my husband related in HIS story, she was  offered pain meds like crazy but she kept responding “I have no pain!” Because she was using the audio and used her mind to let the pain go. “It works!” she told me. “It really works.”

So I did that, too. After all, why wouldn’t I practice what I preach? I put in my earbuds and let my GYN do her thing—it worked: my pain was minimal. Here’s where to find the audio and more info.

Still, she couldn’t complete the biopsy.

“I suspect it’s a benign polyp,” she said, “but we need to do an in-hospital biopsy it to be sure.”

Don’t you love it when they give you “your options?”

Blood pressure still normal, I listened to my options.  There were two: I could be admitted to the hospital for a D&C and biopsy under anesthesia, a same-day-home procedure. Then I would probably have a hysterectomy at a later date: my choice. I want everything that could be a future problem GONE.

OR we could move right to a hysterectomy with a GYN-oncology surgeon assisting my doc. They’d take it out, do a frozen section and if it was benign they’d proceed one way and if it wasn’t, another way. With the surgical oncologist right there.

I didn’t see any reason to go under twice. I’d already mentioned I wanted a complete hysterectomy, simply because too many of my friends have had a GYN cancer. I wanted it all gone. One less worry.

Surgery in my future

So when I return from my trip to Egypt in early April I’ll have a hysterectomy. I expect to be pain-free and anxiety-free. And here’s how I’ll make sure of it:

I will listen to healing meditations. I will ask my Reiki masters to support me. I will ask my shaman friend to do his thing. I will make sure my support circle knows time and date and I know I won’t even have to ask them to send positive vibes. I will use my crystals and healing crystal candles. I will use my own affirmations. I will use my own surgery prep, recovery, pain management and anxiety management audios.

And mostly I will trust that the Universe has my back, just like I blogged the other day. The Universe has my back and your back—all we have to do is trust.

If you’re facing a scare of your own, I’m here for you. Many of you already know that, but for those who don’t, trust that I am. Just shoot me an email at ccassara (at) and we’ll talk.

And here are some helpful links:

Find my healing affirmations here.

Find audios for surgery prep, recovery, to relieve pain and anxiety here.

Find my healing crystal candles here.

How these new manifestation tools can help you

How these new manifestation tools can help you

So many customers have asked if I offer manifestation and ritual candles and now I can answer “YES!” — and they’re as gorgeous as my other hand-poured, soy candles.  Custom-made with stones and crystals for your particular intentions.

Whether it’s casting a love spell, manifesting health, meditating for abundance or just plain ritual magick, we’ll load your pretty, custom-made soy Reiki-charged candle with the right aromatic herbs and crystals for your intention. Light it when you sit down to meditate and let it do its magick work!


Examples of some of the stones & herbs we used for a different custom order. Yours will also be custom.

You won’t see just a couple small stones: these magickal manifestation candles are generously loaded with intention stones and herbs. And I’ll add to each order a manifestation affirmation specific to your intention.

The stones are sourced from all over, including the spiritual mecca of Sedona and are charged with reiki energy by my favorite Reiki Master.Our aromatic herb blends include lavender, rosemary, frankincense, cardamom, white willow, roses, jasmine, birch and so many more magickal herbs, all to help meditate on and manifest your heart’s desire.

We offer four different custom-made manifestation candles, all with Reiki-charged stones and crystals plus aromatic herbs that are just perfect for your heart’s desire:


Each 4 oz. candle comes with a manifestation affirmation targeted to your intention to help focus your meditation. The cost is a super-affordable $15. For a custom candle stuffed with powerful crystals and herbs.

You can also choose two larger sizes: 8 oz. ($20) and 12 oz. ($22)

And, we offer a special meditation set: a 4 oz. aromatic herb and stone-filled meditation candle and a sandalwood mala bracelet–a small strand of beads used for prayer or meditation– to help your meditation along. Price for the set is $20.  THIS meditation set SOLD OUT! But you can choose from any of our other offerings.

Find them here. 

Please note our shipping schedule:  if you’d like your candle by the beginning of March you must order by Feb. 18.  The next candles begin shipping March 11 and must be ordered by March 5.

Why we should celebrate when there’s something to celebrate

Why we should celebrate when there’s something to celebrate

something-to-celebrateThere’s so much doom and gloom in the world that I relish having something to celebrate. Especially here, where I deal with difficult and sad subjects.

So let’s light up the week with this great news: truly something to celebrate!

A number of my friends, both online and local, have been battling tough cancers. And I am thrilled to report that more than a few are living happy lives even while having various forms of treatments. Because their cancers are being held at bay by new treatments that allow them to have a good quality of life–and even travel–while still in treatment.

Several are past the three-year mark and doing well. Several have had post-treatment pet-scans that show absolutely no sign of a type of cancer that not too long ago killed within the first year.

I think that’s something to celebrate!

Now, I know, you don’t want to tempt fate and neither do I. But there’s no denying that advances in cancer treatment are buying longer, quality lifespans for patients in treatment. And that is something to light up the world about.

I hope there’s a day when cancer is as insignificant as a common cold.  Until that day, though, I’ll take the fact that we do have something to celebrate.

Won’t you join me in praying that all those with cancer find effective treatment and flourish?

And if you’d like to help someone in their battle, I hope you’ll consider one of my thoughtful, gentle healing gifts.  Or–and I know you will LOVE this: a beautiful Hearts & Flowers candle that comes unscented or scented: see our candle shipping schedule.

How to make Valentine’s Day sweeter than ever with a unique Valentine gift

How to make Valentine’s Day sweeter than ever with a unique Valentine gift

valentine-giftSomething sweet is in the air, perfect for Valentine’s Day (not to mention birthdays, Mother’s Day and just about any day of all….)  It’s a pretty little Valentine gift for a mother, mother-in-law, daughter, grand-daughter, BFF, aunt and anyone you’d like to give a little extra love to.

Here’s a photo of my new, limited edition Hearts & Flowers Candle, de-constructed. That means I’m showing you most of the ingredients but not put together.  I haven’t made it yet and there’s a reason! They are made to order. And they’ll be as gorgeous as all of my other candles.

The Hearts & Flowers Candle is a sweet, compact, candle embedded with beautiful pink and red flowers and petals, a small pink rose heart-shaped quartz healing stone, tiny red hearts and other pretty crystals and stones. Each one is unique and perfect for a bedside table, counter or living room.

And still at our usual affordable prices.

You can (and should) order them now!  For delivery before Valentine’s Day you must order by January 28. Shipping by Priority Mail begins Feb. 1 and it’s first-come first-shipped.

Volume: 4 ounces in a graceful, repurposed glass container that is about 2.75 inches across and about the same tall. Significantly larger than a votive. Customers say they burn up to 30+ hours.
Color: a shade of pink, red or off-white, our choice but if you really, really want one or the other, just email  me
Unscented: $13
Scented: $16  Choose vanilla, lavender or  mandarin orange
If you’d like a GIFT TAG included, choose that and up to 10 words of message at checkout: $2
RUSH charge: Means sent before our ship date. Choose at checkout. $10

** For a larger custom Hearts & Flowers Candle, contact me at ccassara (at)

sacred-spaceIf you haven’t seen one of our candles, here’s a look at one. It’s not the Hearts & Flowers candle, because I haven’t made those yet, but it shows you how the stones and flowers work together to make a beautiful whole. In fact, someone who got one as a holiday gift told the giver, “This isn’t a candle, it’s a work of art!”  Another customer bought eight to bring to a “Favorite Things” holiday party because, she told me, “These are my favorite things!”  She actually bought 16 total in December.  They’re sort of like a potato chip–you can’t get just one. I love that people love them!

Candles of any kind may be ordered any time but I will make and ship candles only once a month. That  means if you’d like any candle by February 14, order between now and January 28.  If you need a candle before then, choose “rush charge” when you check out. Full shipping schedule for the next three months below and on the Candles page. So…order now for Valentine’s Day!

Mala bracelet absolutely free

Mala bracelet absolutely free

These are mala bracelets, traditionally used for meditation and prayer —and now the latest trend in wearable yoga. I’m sure you’ve seen people wearing at least one mala bracelet wrapped around their wrists and sometimes more.

Want one?

I’ll add a free mala bracelet to any candle order. Absolutely free from today until 11:59pm Fri., Nov. 30. While mala supplies last.

No checkout code. Just order a candle and get the mala.  I have only a limited number of malas so order now!

The next batch of candles will ship 2-day Priority US Postal Service mail starting Dec. 5, in plenty of time for Christmas.

PS I told you I love giving things away!