“I love having a fresh juicy peach fragrance in my house–it’s aromatherapy with the bonus of being lovely decor!”

“They’re so beautiful.”

“I’m going to burn them while I study for the bar.”

That’s what customers are saying about my candles. My candle studio now opens only two or three times a year. It’s open now, but only until April 27 and it won’t re-open until fall. So if you’d like some of the prettiest eco-friendly candles ever, with gorgeous flowers that I grow myself, healing and inspirational crystals and high-quality fragrance with no harmful phthalates, be sure to order before the deadline.

This season I’m offering cute little add-on charms for special occasions:

Pawprint charm…..perfect for a “gotcha day” gift or pet condolences
Healing Hand…lovely add-on for those working to heal
Happy Birthday…a special gift for a special day and especially if you order in Vanilla Cupcake scent!
House…housewarming and if you’re a realtor a cute idea for closing
“You’re My Person” … for your BFF or spouse

Did I mention they’re easy on the budget AND make beautiful gifts?  See what’s on offer and make your selection here:

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