Time. Nothing but time. Time to think. To think about this pandemic, of course. It’s a preoccupation for most of us.

But also, for me, other thoughts. Because I do tend to spin out on thoughts sometimes.

Comfort, though, can often be found in the words Heidi Thomas writes for Call the Midwife. And funny thing: they appear when I need them most. For example:

“The thing that matters is never the thing itself, but rather what we make of it….what we do with our patience and our imagination. What we allow to thrive.”

Well, zing on that. Because if, like me, your imagination runs wild at the slightest provocation, it’s helpful to know that what we’re experiencing is of our own creation. It’s not the thing, necessarily. It’s what we make of it.

So what do we allow to thrive in our lives? What thoughts? Which people? What activities?

What, we might ask ourselves, are we creating in our minds at this time?

That’s why I love the prescription in the image above. If our focus is on those very positive, affirming activities, it’s very difficult for our minds to run away with us.

We’re in charge of what we think and feel. It’s all about what we make of things.

It’s good to remember that.

This gem of wisdom appeared at just the right moment for me. I hope it resonates for you, too.

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