“I’m not that good at directions but if I were you I’d grab big handfuls of sunlight and laughter and love
because when you’re making a whole new world, you want to be sure it has the important things first.”

~written by Brian Andreas at Flying Edna.com

It’s easy to let the darkness around us surround us. Brian Andreas’ work is the only reason I don’t let it. His beautiful, evocative words never fail to lift me up, empower me, make me see things differently–and deeply appreciate the beauty of life. Yes, even life during this pandemic. He’s my daily reading.

While so much of the world as we knew it has changed, that quote reminds us that this is the perfect time to create a whole new world. One with all the important things in it. People and things we consider priorities.

We’re not at the mercy of fate to do this. We get to choose what’s in this new world– and whom.

Yes, We get to choose and choose again. To change our minds. To eliminate things, activities, and yes, even personalities and people. And to connect with (or reconnect with) the people and things that bring us joy. Comfort. And love.

What’s most important right now is this: that we laugh and love and live in the light.

It might not look like we think it should. (Or the way we used to think it should.) But trust me, it will be worth it.

Now that I’m older and we’re facing the unknown, what’s truly important shines like a bright star, making it easy to recognize. Recognizing our true north and following it will always bring us home. Better late than never.

new-worldPS This image is from the latest package I got from Brian and Fia at  FlyilngEdna.com  It’s called “So Not Helpful” and of course, she is my angel. I mean, it’s just so obvious that she is.

The quote that I began this post with is from a Brian Andreas work called Directions you can find here

Brian’s work has been scattered all over my house since he started Storypeople. He’s no longer associated with Storypeople, but he and his partner, Fia Skye, are doing amazing things over at Flying Edna. I’ve gotten a bit addicted to Brian’s work; I might even need a 12-step to buying it. If you don’t know Fia, she’s a gifted writer, too. They are wonderful people doing inspirational work.

If you’d like to get a story a day emailed from Flying Edna you can sign up with them here. I love starting each day with this kind of inspiration.

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