Wouldn’t it be awesome to know your next chapter of life and how to manage it? I know. It would be amazing!

  • Current job not a fit and looking to make a change?
  • Preparing for retirement and wondering what you’ll do?
  • Want to start (or end) a relationship?
  • Facing an empty nest and at loose ends?
  • Not sure what to do next with your life?
  • Looking to do something more meaningful but can’t figure out what or how?

If you’re on the brink of your next big step in life and want to find direction and inspiration, join us for Discovering Your Passion & Purpose: Knock Down Barriers, Discover Your Hidden Dreams & Design the Next Stage of Your Life.

I am thrilled to offer an amazing opportunity for 10 lucky people looking to make exciting new plans for the next stage of their lives and connect (or re-connect) with their passion and purpose in awe-inspiring Jordan! It’s a place where many have found transformational connection and direction, whether it’s in the starry night sky of the desert, the Jordan River or the Dead Sea.

What you’ll do:

life-changeYou’ll visit incredible places having experiences of a lifetime and along the way, doing transformational inner and outer work that will refresh your life in a big way. And prepare you for your big life change. Imagine:

  • Hiking the awe-inspiring siq at Petra, a city carved entirely out of rose stone and hearing how people lived there centuries ago
  • Laying back in the desert to stare at the stars in the inky dark sky of Wadi Rum and connect with the vast universe, after a Bedouin shares his culture’s view of spirituality
  • A Jeep tour of  Wadi Rum dunes and a delicious meal prepared by Bedouins
  • A ritual to connect with your soul’s purpose at the ruins of the 2nd century Temple of Artemis  in the remarkably intact archeological site of Jerash
  • A close-up look at the archeological evidence at the Jordan river site where Jesus was said to be baptized
  • A meditation at Mt. Nebo’s panorama, where Moses was said to have been shown the Promised Land
  • Bathing in  healing Dead Sea mud followed by a float in the salty Dead Sea
  • Perusing fragments of the Copper Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • A history and culture lesson through costumes, jewelry, weaving and household utensils at a beautiful museum of Arab fashion
  • ….and so much more!

There will be time for rest and relaxation and time with other retreat-goers to work through new ideas for this next stage of life and to release self-limiting beliefs. The time and space (and experiences) to let inspiration wash over you.

You’ll be taken care of from the time you get off your plane to the time you get back on to fly home. That means nothing but time to focus on YOU. Because that’s what it takes to hear the wisdom of your soul.

There’s room for only 10 of us, so act fast. Registration includes all accommodations, entry fees, daily transportation during the trip, airport transfers, our guide, tips, virtually all meals and programming. Just about everything is included except for your air. Including being met at the airport!

You can see all the details on the retreat website and that’s also where you put down your deposit. Act fast as this will go fast!

If you want to ask me questions, just contact me and let’s set up a call!

See you in Jordan!



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