healing-toolkitIsn’t it interesting how so many of us watch every bit of food we put in our bodies, choosing only the healthiest, purest and most beneficial?  And yet, the thoughts we put in our mind, the ones we give free rein to, might not be supporting us.

While we may pay lip service to the idea that what we think matters, it’s not always how we act.

Maybe some of our thoughts are self-sabotaging.  Maybe we tell ourselves over and over we can’t do something or that we’re stuck –until it becomes true.

Maybe we let our fears run away with us. (I’m guilty of that.)

Feed the mind

It’s important to feed our minds in the same healthy way we feed our bodies.

That’s why affirmations are so important and so popular. Because they feed our mind only positives and those positives can become reality.

When a questionable thought comes up or one that keeps us from being all we can be or want to be, ask yourself: How is that thought serving me? Can I reframe it into something more positive? That would actually benefit me?

Especially if you’re sick

This is absolutely critical for those who are battling something big. Fibromyalgia. Lupus. Crohn’s or IBS. Cancer. Heart disease.

Feed your mind positive affirmations that reframe your situation and you’ll feel better. Write about your emotions about your disease and you’ll feel better. These things have been documented in studies.

Which is why I offer a healing toolkit for those who are in the health battle.  I know they want all the odds in their favor. I know I would.

See our gift packages and also our standalone healing affirmations either in a pretty package or an online subscription and take a look at our Guided Journal for Healing. These feed your mind the positive thoughts that can be helpful tools for any healing journey.

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